How to show the correct customer price with Shopify Multi-Currency

Our client is on a Shopify Plus plan and has multi-currency available. We’ve worked on implementing it onsite but we can’t get it to work with Algolia Instant Search or Autocomplete. The Euro price (our default currency) is shown with the customer-facing monetary symbol next to it (e.g. a product priced at €120 will show up as $120 or ¥120). This isn’t great because it means the price changes from the search page to the product page. I’m assuming that it’s because the product information is pulled in with an API call, which lists the price in the original store currency.

The only ways around this I can see would be:

  1. Modifying the original API call (possibly when the products are indexed) to include the required header in the request to get the “presentment_prices” fields on the product. I don’t thing we have control over this.
  2. Somehow using the liquid reference to the price, as that is converted automatically by Shopify.

Failing this, we’re going to have to turn off the price on the search pages for non euro customers, which we don’t especially want to do. If you have any insight on this I would really appreciate it.