How to solve displaying more than one vehicle showing on a specific stock number search

Hi team,
iam trying to search using stock number ,more than one vehicle showing on a specific stock number search , but search by model ,make ect we get correct result

Hi @antony

I’d start by following the recommendations on this page, making sure you’ve disabled typo-tolerance, etc. for the stock number attribute.

Let me know if you still have trouble after following these recommendations.

Thank you for getting back.
I do have a similar issue when checking the type of name in algolia. For example, if I’m searching for the type_name as “VAN”, it is expected that the system should fetch only VAN car type. But currently it returns SEDAN, SUV etc. The results are still fetching based on the similarity of words. This happens for whichever type that is being searched. Please advise

Algolia’s search is optimized for searching across chunks of text, so the query includes things like typo tolerance, prefix matching, etc out of the box for searches. It’s different than querying a database.

For filtering on specific values of an attribute (“type_name”: “van”), you’re better off using refinements for filtering than using the query string. That said, there are many configuration options for your index that can help you shape how Algolia determines the relevance of records

I’d suggest familiarizing yourself with the default ranking criteria and how we calculate relevance:

That page links to various settings for modifying behavior. For instance, how we handle prefix search.

Hi, I’ve a query regarding the exact search and partial search.

If the vehicle type VAN is searched, it will even fetch the letters in a VIN or in a stock number that comes together with letters V,A,N. Also the results returns vehicle type SEDAN in some cases. So I made a change in queryType. I changed prefix search - PREFIXLAST to PREFIXNONE . Currently it’s either exact search or the system fetches every result for the values typed in. After the change, there are some issues.

For example if I’m searching for a stock number , A304F, only if I type in the entire keywords the search result will appear.

I would like to get the partial search where the results will be shown based on the inputs given, such as : If I type in A30, I would like to get the results starting with these values, not somewhere in between or towards end. In the sequence I’ve typed.

  Could anyone please provide a solution for this scenario?