How to sort out requirejs loading sequence for mage2 hooks

We are customizing the magento2 extenion with various ways. This includes frontend js hooks.
The challenge I see is that sometimes our hook file is loaded after algolia has started. As such, events are not used.
In contrast to the algolia provided hook.js sample, we’d like to use requirejs to load the hooks. This is especially because we want to access e.g. jquery or the algoliabundle.
Currently we have:

    function ($, algoliaBundle, undefined) {

in the head of our file. However due to the nature of requirejs, it might very well be that we are loaded after instantsearch.js, as this uses just:

requirejs(['algoliaBundle', 'Magento_Catalog/js/price-utils'], function (algoliaBundle, priceUtils) {

Is there any sane way (other than modifying instantsearch.js or using global, non requirejs code) to sort that dependency?