How to sync live data?

Hi all,
We’ve integrated Algolia into our app. However, we’re using the dev site data first to test instead of using live site data. If we push live site data on Algolia now, is there any conflict between those 2 kinds of data? How can we solve it?

Each environment (testing , staging , production , …) needs to have its own unique index prefix. If the index prefixes are the same, the environments will override each other’s data and it might happen that searching on production will return data from the staging environment. Please see a link to the documentation regarding this below,

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Thank you. We can sync the live data now.
Our website uses Magento. There’re 2 storeviews, English and Arabic. But there are many product missing in English storeview although products are set for all storeviews in the Magento backend. How is that possible and how to solve it?