How to tell Algolia to use and-query?


Hello there,

I am new in using Algolia with my Magento and can’t figure out, how to tell Algolia to use and-query for my search results.
The more keywords I am using, the less results I am expecting. But in my case, if I am looking for “fuel filter” I get results of everything with “fuel” and everything with “filter”.
But I want only a list of all items which contains “fuel” AND “filter”.

Can someone please tell me where or how I can configure that?

thank you very much


Hi @benjamin,

Thanks for contacting Algolia! To better understand what might be causing these results, it would be good if we can replicate/experience it ourselves.

  • Do you have a live URL that you can share?
  • Can you walk us through your example, including the exact query you type, the results you see, the results you expect to see, the results you do not want to see?
  • In addition, also please grant Algolia support access here and let us know when that’s done!

I want to note that we’ll be able to answer on a best effort basis, since your plan does not include technical guidance. We provide technical extension support as part of our Pro and Enterprise plans.

Look forward to your reply!


Hello @ajay.david,

thank you for your response. I think I am able to point the problem a bit more detailed now since I found out, that the nature of the problem comes from multiple indices.

Algolia is searching in 3 indices per language.

So if the first word was found in in in index1 and the second word in index2, there will be 2 results which leads to a big problem. (or-query)


Hello (1 result)
Hello World (2 results)
Hello World XY (1000+ results)

Is there a possibility to fix this?
I expect less results the more words I enter. And if there is no product with the example “Hello World XY” there should be no results. Or maybe some “Did you mean?” Algorithm, but not thousands of results.

I am not able to grant access to Algolia, cause the main system runs at another account. If you are allowed to help, I can arrange some Support access.