How to use algolia with other technology?

Sorry, not sure how to word it, but I’m struggling to make other technology function with my algolia application. For example, if i get php to work, (which I need to create a functioning contact form) in my project, then algolia’s instanstsearch stops working/running even though it’s on the same server and same project folder, all the widgets disappear. I set up algolia following this guide: Quickstart with the JavaScript API client | Algolia

I then tried using node js instead to create the form. The reason I set up the algolia application was to add a search engine functionality to my project, but it feels like this api has restricted what else I can do in this project. I tried using this thing called nodemailer for my contact form which uses node js, instead of the PHP, but when I get it to run, my algolia application, again, loses its functionality.

So, yeah, how do I get my application to not be so algolia-centric, and instead function with other things? Hopefully someone can explain the reason this happens, cause obviously there’s a lot I don’t understand!


Hello! Sorry to hear you are having some trouble.

Would you be able to upload a copy of your code to GitHub (In a repo or Gist) or PHP Sandbox so that we can take a look? It could honestly be any number of things so it’s tough to say without seeing your code. You can also PM it if you would prefer.

Happy to help, let us know! Thanks!