How to use aliases in search

I have a doctor specialty index that I’d like to have searchable by multiple terms. For example the index contains “Dermatology” and “Dentistry”, I’d like users to be able to search for “Dermatologist” and “Dentist” and receive a match for those queries without having both of the search terms in the index. Is that possible?

Yes! Have you seen our synonyms feature yet? I believe it’s the answer you’re seeking.

Let me know if any other questions arise!


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Perfect, thank you @jason.harris

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@jason.harris I’m checking out the synonym documentation now, are there any code examples besides the documentation?

Is the synonym object defined on the record? If so what is the attribute called? or is it defined on the index?


Our synonyms are computed at index time.

I think this blog post would be useful to you.