How to use and run the query suggestions connector on/from windows machine?


Can someone guide me how can i run / use the Query Suggestions connector from a windows machine?

I have installed Ruby using the Ruby Installer for windows and downloaded the query suggestions connector from but how do i run it? which file am i supposed to run using the ruby executable from cmd?
which of the files is the configuration file?

Looking forward to help with that as i’m unfamiliar (yet) with the ruby language and i need to be able to use the query suggestion feature. (we have an open source account so we don’t have that feature in the dashboard)

Thank in advance,



Hi Hagai,

The Query Suggestions feature is available starting from our Business Plan.
Also, I see that one of our Account Executive has already reached out to you regarding this matter ; feel free to come back to us again if needed.

Thank you,

hi Valentine,
As i understand this feature is / should be available to all others accounst which are not business nor enterprise
via that connector, am I wrong?


So again my question is how can i use / run that connector from a windows machine?

Looking forward to your reply.


That’s an error from our documentation and it will be updated shortly.

As you can see from our Pricing page, it’s available from our Business Plan.


Thank you,


First of all thanks for that clarification.
As I’m a bit confused now.
Can you tell me what option can i use / should i use if i want an autocomplete for Angular like the autocomplete example in and then that the results will be shown using the Angular Instant search so i’ll be able to use that library widgets and components and also give the user the filtering capabilities?

Again thanks for your help,