How to use API Client (AnalyticsClient) to generate Analytics Reports

Hello There,

I want to generate the Analytics Reports through the API Client by DotNET. is it possible to generate the similar report as we see on the dashboard by API Client. I found that there is Analytics Rest API available. But, it is only for Premium or enterprise add-on plans. Ours is Essential Plan. Can you please provide me with an example if I can still do it using client? Will I need Algolia.Analytics nuget package for that or will work?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Deepika, in answer to your question

There is no way that you can get analytics data from the API client, the only way to get analytics data programmatically is through the analytics REST API which indeed is only available on Premium or Enterprise plans.

Otherwise you can of course view the reports in your dashboard. There is more details on this here.

Thank you Matthew for your response.