How to use full word search + synonyms

Get search results that include the word “app” but not words that start with app, like applied and application.
At the same time, also get results that may match a synonym for app, like “awesome professional policy”.

Possible solutions I have tried:

  • Using advanced syntax double quotes, using a rule to replace app with “app”, solves the first issue. This however disables searches for the synonym.
  • Boolean operators? Do they work for queries? I have tried replacing the query with different combinations of “app” + “awesome professional policy”, OR, ||, using , etc. Nothing worked so far. They will only returns results that contain both app AND awesome professional policy, what I need is an OR.
  • Declensions and segmentation don’t seem to be able to accomplish this.

Is there any way to do full word search without using advanced syntax double quotes?
Is it possible to achieve this using rules, or any other setting in the Algolia apps page?

The solution we found for this one, is to have “app” be a synonym of “awesome professional policy” instead of the other way around.
We then added a custom rule to change the query to “awesome professional policy” when someone searches for “app”, and this seems to be working as we wanted, since when searching for synonyms, Algolia only searches for the full word “app” and not for words containing or starting with app.