How to Use Less Queries

We recently started implementing Algolia and are testing right now. When testing, we noticed that we used 7,500+ queries in a day with just a few people looking at it. What are some best practices for optimizing this and using less queries?

Right now we have 10 silos, and each silo returns 10 results per query. The query occurs every time someone enters a new value into the search box.

One thing we thought about was waiting for the user to stop typing for a half-second before querying. Does anyone have any other suggestions/best practices for using less queries?


In general, we don’t recommend waiting as it breaks the instant search effect.

With our new pricing, we don’t charge search operations anymore. Upgrading your app to the new plan might be the easiest way to fix your issue.

Thanks, we were able to find the solution yesterday by using the multi-index search, but using the same index name for all sub-queries.

For those interested: