I am having trouble getting thumbnail images to appear

I am having trouble getting thumbnail images to appear in the searchbar, also text goes out of the drop down box

Hello @laurence,

can you tell me what extension do you use? Do you use Magento? In which version?
Would you be able to share with me a link to your website so I can investigate deeper?

Thank you!

Hi Jan,

I had an email from you but realised it was a noreply. Do you have an email address that I could send the link to to investigate?

Many thanks,

Yes, you can send it to support+magento@algolia.com, thank you!

Hello @laurence,

thank you for the link! I checked your website and the extension seems to not be able to find a thumbnail image for products. Because of that it tries to index a URL of placeholder image. But there is a bug in Magento, which prevents the extension from getting the correct placeholder URL.

Can you check that all your products have image set to be used as a thumbnail as well? Thanks!

Hello, all my products have thumbnail set up. Even so, no image appears in the dropdown of my store.