I can't get Algolia to work with the Avada WP Theme

Hi there,

I hope that there is somebody that can help me get started with the Algolia WP plugin.

I’m using the Wordpress plugin with the Avada Theme, and the woocommerce plugin, as i want it to be possible to search for posts, pages and products.

So far i guess i have all settings right. Using autocomplete, instantsearch etc. But all of this is not working. And i even can’t see any difference on the site with the standard WP search.

The only thing that is different when i activate the Algolia plugin is, that when i enter the search landing page. I see a sort of Algolia searchbar. But it does not work.

See the screenshot below, to understand what i mean. It appeared that loggin was disabled, i enabled it, but there is no log so far.

I hope that somebody can help me out.

I Also ran out of my free trial account before i even had the chance to check out the plugin.

Kind regards,
Kono Vidovic.

Hi Kono,

The Avada theme is know to have issues with the Algolia plugin for WordPress, maybe other people using that theme with our plugin could give you more guidance on that.

Regarding the WooCommerce, we also have a dedicated plugin for that that is currently running in private beta, would you like us to send you a copy to see if that works better with your theme?

Hi Ray,

Thank you for your very fast reply!

To bad to hear that. In that case, i hope somebody here on the boards who had the same issues with the Avada Theme can help me out. In the mean time, i would like to try that beta plugin.


Kind regards,
Kono Vidovic

Hi @kono

I am using the Avada theme and the Algolia Search plugin works on our site. (you can see it on urbancouture.com.au )

Initially when I installed the plugin the Autocomplete worked fine, but I was having the same issues with the Instant Search page, where I got the same search landing page with the Algolia search bar.

For me this was because the main search bar in the Avada theme header was a Wordpress search bar and not a Woo Commerce Search Bar. I entered some code into the searchform.php file that @rayrutjes gave me and the instant search page worked fine.

I entered in the searchform.php file:

You also have to append this line directly after the search β€˜β€™ tag and be sure it is enclosed between the β€˜β€™ & β€˜β€™ tags."

Hope that helps in some way.

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Hi @thomas,

Thank you very much for reaching out.

I see, the plugin works very well on your website. I wish to achieve the same.
Let me try to add that line off code. But as i see the code is missing from your reply. Am i correct?

Hi @kono

My apologies. See below.

"You need to edit the file where your search input lives.

You simply need to add the following:

Append this line directly after the search β€˜β€™ tag and be sure it is enclosed between the β€˜β€™ & β€˜β€™ tags."

Hi @thomas, Excuse me for my misunderstanding, but do i need to add this line of text, that i quoted in the file where the search input lives?

Somehow it does not looks like a code to me. But maybe I’m wrong.

Hi @kono

I apologise again, for some reason my full responses are not coming through here. I have no idea why.

Ive taken a screenshot for you http://d.pr/i/sveI - Let me know if you can see that.

Hey Ray,

I would also be interested in trying out the beta. Unless you are going to be releasing it in the not to distant future.