I got nothing..... when i search

I have used algolia on another shopify site(client) with no problems and just installed on my own site and just cant get it to find anything - see what i mean here: http://www.poppiesandthyme.net

Hi @lemonpienz,

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Take a look at your Algolia index in the Algolia dashboard and see if the products are showing up there. Try your search from the Algolia Dashboard and see if you are getting the desired results.

If you have no products in your index please check your configuration for Algolia in Shopify to make sure you have set it up properly according to our guide.

If you have set it up properly and you can search from the Algolia dashboard and you still see no results, please contact us at support@algolia.com

Let us know how this works for you!

the products are all indexed, and "Try your search from the Algolia Dashboard
" - where in the dashboard? I cant find any place to do a search?

Hi @lemonpienz,

You can click on ‘Indices’ on the left sidebar, click at the top to find the correct index (if you have more than one), then you should be able to search.