I have some problems when I search thai words like "เบียร์" "ช้าง" I got empty results

If search for “ขวดเบียร์ช้าง” I got results


Could you give example queries which do not return any results, and the result you would expect to be returned? I notice that there aren’t any spaces in the record in the screenshot. I don’t speak any Thai unfortunately, but are you trying to get matches in the middle of words, or are multiple words joined without separator?

Thanks for filling in!

Hi @vtn.dev2016,

While our API does support Thai characters, it is not able yet to segment Thai words which is the cause of the issue in your case.

Sorry not to be able to be of more help :bowing_woman:

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Yes I trying to get matches in the middle of words can I do it? I try to add record “ขวด เบียร์ ช้าง” With adding spaces between words I was able to find

Thank you for answering.

Hi! This is because Algolia doesn’t support infix/suffix search out of the box, only prefix search. When you add spaces, Algolia is able to tokenize each word, which is why it worked. It works the same with any language.

If you need to do infix/suffix search, you need to add all the possible alternatives. This is, however, quite heavy so I would recommend only doing it if you notice that people are searching this way and not finding any results, using your Algolia analytics.