I want to make Algolia Search available for the new theme.

I have already installed and used Algolia Search and changed the original Theme to Impulse of Shopify Theme.
I would like to make Algolia Search available for the new theme. How can I do it?
Also, can I ask for support for setup?

Hi @tomoe,

Thanks for submitting your question to the Algolia Community!

You can find more information about installing Algolia into your theme here.

For help in setting up Shopify, please see our Shopify guide here.

As for asking for help in support, you can email us at support@algolia.com with specific questions.

Please be aware that the answers provided on plans that do not include support are answered as a best effort from our support team, since those plans do not include technical guidance (https://www.algolia.com/policies/support).

We provide technical help as part of our pro and enterprise plans, if you have one of those plans then Yes! We can help!

If you are not on one of our pro or enterprise plans and are interested in obtaining one of those plans, let us know and we can put you in contact with the right people at Algolia to discuss that.

I hope this helps you get started using Algolia with Shopify!