IE11 - Uncaught, unspecified "error" event. ([object Object])

Hey, I am trying to get the Algolia-Search to work on IE11.
Initially I got following errors:

  • “Promise” is undefined → instantsearch.production.min.js (2,50847)
  • “instantsearch” is undefined → test.html (335,9)

The second error is a result of the first. I added a polyfill for promises. Now I get:

  • Uncaught, unspecified “error” event. ([object Object]) → instantsearch.production.min.js (2,32479)

Is there another polyfill I have to add? Chrome and Firefox work just fine - even without the added promise-polyfill.

My Code looks as follows:

Promise indeed needs to be poly filled for both InstantSearch and the algoliasearch client.

I’m sorry but this doesn’t help me at all. As stated in my post, I have already added a polyfill for Promises. No reason to point that out again.

Sorry, could you give a live example of somewhere where it’s not working? is the polyfill enabled before the import of algoliasearch & instantsearch.js?

Yes, the polyfill is being loaded first. As you can see here:

You can see a live version right here:
Login: algolia
PWD: algolia123

I just noticed that Chrome throws the same error ( Uncaught, unspecified “error” event. ([object Object]) → instantsearch.production.min.js (2,32479)) when adding a promise polyfill. :confused:
I tried two versions of polyfills but same error. Is there a specific polyfill you recommend?

Does no one have any clue? I’m really stuck on this one :confused:

Hi @developer6

I do not see the error you mentioned in Chrome (92.0.4515.107).

As for IE11, I (personally) wouldn’t bother given Microsoft will soon no longer support it.