If I implement a custom way of crawling the site how can I prevent Algolia from crawling?

I know it’s nice that we get the crawler for free, but I choose to implement my custom way of crawling the static files of my site: building the records and sending them in via the API. Thus I have no need for Algolia to crawl my site for minutes on every build. I already created a separate index to put my records in, but I see the default one being refreshed, wasting somebody’s resources. Is this in netlify.toml enough?

package = "@algolia/netlify-plugin-crawler"
  disabled = true

When I tried to remove the plugin I got a mail that the integration will cease, I’d want to avoid that :smiley:

Hi @Firsh, yes exactly, no crawl will be triggered if you have that in your netlify.toml :slight_smile: