Image thumbnail is not showing

We are using CDN for images url in magento2 while algolia creating thumbnail on our local server. In this case at the time of searching, Image URL should be from local server but it is finding the images on CDN server.

Hello @jmellet,

the extension should index the domain you have set for the static files in Magento.
Can I ask you for your APP ID and for the URL of your store so I can investigate?


Algolia is using thumbnail URL of catalog/product/cache/75x75/ while our images path is in thumbnail folder means “catalog/product/cache/thumbnail/75x75/”.Can you please let me know how can we update this?

I’m facing the same issue my site.

Hi @prashantpatel,

Thanks for following up on this issue. Would it be possible to open a new thread with more details about your specific issues regarding images? Please also include your Magento version and extension version you are on. That would help us a lot!


Image thumbnail is showing perfectly.

Thanks @betty.suravech