Image URL unreachable

Hello, I don’t understand why Algolia doesn’t get this “Avatar” element. Yet it’s registered as a string just like the rest.

Hi @geoffray.sugier!

If the field for your image URL is not detected automatically, you can set it yourself by clicking on “Edit Preview attributes”, just below the search bar on your dashboard:

Then you can set the name of the attribute you use for the image URL in “image attribute”: (in your case the attribute seems to be “avatar”)

And last, it looks like you need not index the full path of the image URL in the avatar field. In that case, you can add the base URL in Image Path.

Let us know how it goes!


Thank you for your answer !

unfortunately I can’t set the attribute because “avatar” is not even detected. When I try to do what you ask me to do, it says “no Results”

Hmm, this is surprising :thinking:
Could you please send us an email at so that we can take a look?
Please send us your app ID and the index name this is referring to.
In order for us to replicate the issue, could you please also give us access to your dashboard here:

Thanks, we’ll be waiting for your email!