Images not displaying in results on Shopify integration

Some of our images are not displaying in search results. The product title displays, but not the image. The image may also display in instant search even if it doesn’t display on the actual search results page.


Thanks for reaching us, I am Alex developer at Algolia, working on the Shopify integration!

Have you uploaded a new thumbnail on these products recently? If so, Shopify removes the old image to replace it with the new one, making your Algolia’s index not synchronize with your Shop. (The link containing the image in your Algolia’s index is pointing to the old version which has been removed)
Can you try to reindex your products ?

Thank you for your quick reply. We actually replaced all images, but this issue seems to only be affecting some of them. Any explanation for this? Anyways, I’ll reindex. Just hit the “reindex” button on our Shopify/Algolia configuration page? Will reindexing affect site performance or impact users?

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.
You should indeed simply have to click the Reindex button on the Products row at the bottom of the Indexing tab.

But, to be clear, images updates on Shopify side should be forwarded to Algolia if you have Real time indexing checked for products and don’t have any indexing/webhook error displayed in the app.

Thanks for following up. Your suggestion to reindex seemed to fix the problem. We do have real time indexing checked and I’m not seeing any indexing/webhook error displayed in the app. Where would I see the error displayed?

You wouldn’t be able to miss it if there was one, it’s a red banner displayed at the top of every tab:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have this issue again!