Import Image URGENT


I want to know how i can upload images to algolia from my laravel project, my images are stored in a storage folder ?? and show them in my search with the other attribute ?

Hi @Mimi.24, you won’t be able to upload images to Algolia, but you can add the image url in an attribute on your Algolia object so that when the search results are returned, you will be able to use the image from your server.

hi @cindy.cullen I tried this img src=“{C:\laragon\www\ShutterStockAR\public\storage}” title=“{hit.file_name}” width=120 height=200 /> but it’s not working, it said not such directory but it’s the path to my images folder, i have been looking in algolia documentation but i can’t find anything to help

Hi @Mimi.24, the url that you store in the Algolia index will need to be a url that is available to the public over the internet.