Import of records, Sorting issue

Hello! Im new here and I have some questions.

  1. I’m using algolia search for my diploma. I’ve found out that the number of records on my localhost db and the number of records on Algolia cloud differs. What’s the easiest way to upload the rest? and why that happens if I added them all in a same way?
  2. Is there any possibility to use Algolia search offline? :smiley:
  3. How to sort (descending order) the results by counting the number of times the word appears in the record?

Good Thursday to you! Thanks for writing in.

Can you give us more detail on your implementation of Algolia? Your questions will be more easily answered if we have more context.

To take a first stab, here are some bits of info for you:

  1. Yes of course you can upload the remaining records to us via JSON. We offer a number of API Clients to help, based on your infrastructure/set up.
  2. Yes we have offline search, on mobile.
  3. Your sorting question: can you expand on what you’re seeking to do?


Well, I am doing a searching platform for diploma works. Since I’m using Laravel as a backend I tried to use Algolia as search engine and it works fine!

  1. Ok, I’ll try it
  2. Seems like there is no way I can use web search engine offline ? it is very necessary for me
  3. You write a keyword and it search through the abstract of diplomas and returns the records in descending order depending on how often this keyword appeared in it.