In drop-down result list, product cat does not have an image / thumbnail


The drop-down list that appears while I use the autocomplete search bar shows thumbnails for the products, but there are none for product categories (even though when the product category has a featured image).
Is there a way to display one?

Right now instead I see the tag placeholder thumbnail.

(Woocommerce 2.6.9 / Wordpress 4.7 / Woocommerce plugin 0.5.1 / Algolia Search 1.6.0)

Hey @christian, sorry about the delay on this one.
By default there is no notion of category image in WordPress AFAIK, and the dropdown menu is handled by the Algolia plugin for WordPress and not WooCommerce.

We plan in the future to provide an out of the box dropdown menu better suited for e-commerce, but we are not able to communicate on any ETA.

You could try pushing the category image on your own and customize the autocomplete.php template to achieve your goal.

I hope that makes sense.

It makes sense!
Have a very good day.