Include ImageUrl in Menu Facet response

I’ve set up the Menu facet connector on a React Native app and would like to include an ImageUrl in the response that I get for the Menu facets, to specify the details, I have a list of categories for food cuisines and would like to add a background image associated to each filter. Is this possible?

I have seen the response in another post specifying to include facetImageUrl as an additional attribute for each item but wanted to know if there was any other ways that I may have missed?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @m.nikolic256,

Indeed, the suggestion you read to enrich your records with another attribute such as facetImageUrl is the way to go.

In a sense, the power of Algolia is its simplicity - it’s a schemaless index and has all the data you include, and only the data you include. The best way to have access to this URL value is to include it as a value in your records.

Hope this confirmation helps!

Hey Ajay,

Thanks for your initial response, the way your connectMenu widget works, I can only retrieve one attribute. Maybe I have missed the point, but trying to retrieve two attributes namely a facetName & facetImage would require two connectMenu’s? How would i keep these in sync or is there another way I should be handling this?

Is there anyway to retrieve multiple attributes with connectMenu?