Inconsistency when entering space or typo

On this demo Interface Demo

Search for “Dell Vostro”, you’ll see how it will populate the correct products. Notice that the top results is a Dell Vostro 15, as soon as you enter a space after Vostro, the top “Vostro” results is replaced by an other product with just one word match, search now for “Dell Vostro 15”, and the actual product that matches those 3 words are nowhere in the results. How is this possible? But enter the typo “Dell Vostryo 15” and Algolia finally makes a correct match.
Can someone explain how this is happening?
I’ve tried all configurations from searchable attributes to ranking etc. Cannot figure out how this is happening. I can only assume that Algolia somehow is giving priority to certain products that are more popular. If so, where can I change this setting?

Seems like the word “Vostro” is being completely ignored when type together with another word(s).

I’m seeing the same behavior in your demo. “Dell Vostro” and “Vostro” works, but adding a space after Vostro drops the use of Vostro.

I have a local demo using a similar data set and do not see this behavior, so I suspect i t has something to do with your index configuration, which I can’t see.

Checking the ranking criteria for the results – it may give a clue as to why this is happening. Otherwise we’d have to dig deeper into your configuration settings to understand where this behavior is coming from.