Inconsistent hits when using aroundRadius: 'all'

Hi Guys,

I’ve got a question about the geo search functionality. We have records with _geoloc data and records without _geoloc data. When searching we want to display the distance from the user’s location. (if there is no _geoloc data we won’t show the distance of course but the record should be shown). I figured out we can do that by setting the following search parameters:

"getRankingInfo": true,
"aroundLatLngViaIP": true,
"aroundRadius": "all",

I’ve added one record with _geoloc data to my existing index. When performing a search query it will return nbHits of 6792, but it will only return one hit: the record with the _geoloc data.
We have a facet filter on category. All categories show the right number of records, except the category that our geolocated record belongs to. That category shows 1 (eventhough there are 120 records for that category). So I thought maybe the aroundRadius does not work without _geoloc data, but than I figured out that when filtering on that specific category it will return 120 hits. (and in the _rankingInfo it will show the correct distance for that one geolocated record)

  • Why is only one record being shown with aroundRadius set to ‘all’ and no extra filtering?
  • Why are all records being shown with aroundRadius set to ‘all’ when an additional filter is added?