Incorrect error 'quota exceeded'

Hi all,

I am just setting up Algolia search for my Wordpress website and I am getting some incorrect error messages.

Alogia claims we used the entire free package (Operations quota exceeded, change plan to get more Operations.) While my number of operations this month is 0. We are far from reaching the threshold and have not been able to test Algolia to be convinced to purchase the product. Could someone please suggest a solution?

100K Ops /month is the free plan according to the Algoia prices. My account did not meet those limits.

I hope to hear from you guys soon.

Kind regards,

Hello @dutchinternetmarketi

Thank you for contacting us. It seems your trial period has ended, that’s why you’re getting this issue. If you want to use the free plan, you should switch plans by following these steps. if you want to extend your trial period, you can send us an email on