Incorrect return JSON format

Good morning,
a mere curiosity: for what strange reason if you do the query as indicated in the dashboard or instead of getting this return JSON format:"prova", {
 "getRankingInfo": true,
 "analytics": false,
 "enableABTest": false,
 "hitsPerPage": 10,
 "attributesToRetrieve": "*",
 "attributesToSnippet": "*:20",
 "snippetEllipsisText": "…",
 "responseFields": "*",
 "explain": "*",
 "maxValuesPerFacet": 100,
 "page": 0,
 "facets": [
  "hits": [
      "titoloPagina": "prova",
      "titoloStrillo": "prova",
      "testoStrillo": "prova",
      "contenutoPagina": "fhjhlkjlopubvhgjknlkmnlpo\nscheda iscrizione (80.36 KB).\n\n\nmarco\n\n\nfrancesca\n  \n\n\n RiferimentiRICERCA, INNOVAZIONE E SOSTENIBILITA'Francesca Baccolinif.baccolini@confindustriaemilia.itTel: 051 6317266Cell: 337 1628209Filippo Fornif.forni@confindustriaemilia.itTel: 051 6317312Cell: 3401669641  16/05/2018provaPOSSOprovaProtocollo: 87284/2018",
      "IDCommunity": 1,
      "tipoDocumento": [
      "uffici": [],
      "filiere": [],
      "classificazioni": [

i get:

in no way can I obtain data relating to the number of results or to the total of pages

Hi @klm0987

It looks like you may be calling console.log() on the hits array as opposed to the full client response object. if you log the full response from the API client, it should have all the additional information your looking for, along with the hits array.