Incorrect URLs are displayed in Auto Complete results

Hello, we’ve been using Algolia on our Magento site for sometime now, but now have run into an issue.

We have a multi-store set-up, each site has a unique URL configured in STORES > GENERAL > WEB > BASE URLS, the autocomplete menu for each site displays the correct products, and categories, but the urls in our additional section where CMS pages are displayed are linking to a different store in our set-up.

For example if you do a search for “About” the additional section of is populated with the About Us page, except it is for a different site in our multi-store set up.

What is particularly strange with this is that the CMS pages were displaying correctly not too long ago. I am really not sure what to do to correct this. Any help would be appreciated.

@AlgoliaforMagento do you have any ideas why the url for the CMS pages from another store in our multi-store setup would populate the Auto Complete results?

Hi @Mark_Dupar,

Thank you for posting your issue here. This has been addressed in a community member’s PR for the extension here:

This was released in version v2.0.2. If you haven’t upgraded your extension to the latest version, we would recommend do so to include this fix. Thanks!