Index -> Display -> Snippet words not able to change


I have encountered a really weird problem in the dashboard.
When i want to change the words for a snippet im not able to? (See screenshot)

And i get these weird errors in google chrome console:

Anybody else having these problems?

Thx in advance


These errors are not related to the dashboard but to AdBlocks. Regarding the problem of updated attributes to snippet, can you tell us more about the error you have. You can delete attributes by clicking on the “minus sign” icon and add new one using the “add an attribute” button. Actually, you cannot directly delete an item, you have to delete it and create a new one.

Let us know if you need more information on this.


Thanks for the answers, but i have disabeld AdBlocks and the errors are still there.
If i remove a attribute and and a new it just tells the attribute, im not able to choose words.

I’m not sure I’m understanding the problem. Can you tell us more precisely what do you want to do (and send us more screenshots) ? This will help us to troubleshoot your issue.

I used to be able to select the number of words the snippet should use when adding attributes here:

Right now its not allowing me to select/change the word count. When i “Add an attribute” there is no number and when i click save it select 10 words.

Ok got it :slight_smile:
When you click on “Add an attribute”, you have to type the entire attribute name + colon + numeric value (don’t click on any items in the suggestion list). Like this:

We are going to improve the UX on this part of the dashboard. Sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile:

Let us know if that worked!

Thx, that solved it.
And yes the UI was better before.