Index edit view has bugs

Editing the records in the index page -

  1. Irritating that it reloads when you edit a record, as it loses your location
  2. Pagination (in the bottom) breaks upon edit - tells you you are on the last page, when really its reset you to the first one
  3. The double right arrow only takes you one page over - usually the double arrow is an indicator of “skip to end” and a single arrow indicates “move one page”. Either this is a bug or bad UX

Hi @david1 - thanks a lot for the feedback. Very helpful and appreciated.

I’ll pass it along to our the team that works on the dashboard and ask them to post back with anything they have to share about improvements that can/will be made.

Hi @david1, thanks for the feedback, this is very useful! I work on the dashboard team. We’re actually currently working on an upgraded version of the index browser, we’ll make sure to consider your comments in the process.

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