Index name for places search

Hello, there.

This is Hyun.

I am using npm algoliasearch and it requires index name but not sure which one it is.

I am sharing screen shot.

I created this for using address autocomplete which comes from open street map.

Algolia Places is a bit special. It doesn’t call the same hosts and endpoints as the regular Algolia search.
I’d recommend using the dedicated client:

Keep in mind that Algolia places is being sunset. You can stil using until then of course.

I also have another question. I tested an address to check if it returns correct information but it doesn’t return same post code with the one google map returns. Do you know why?
and you suggested me to use places.js library, is it possible to implement debounce functionality with places.js?

Hi Hyun,

Post codes being very complicated to get correct data from is one of the reasons why we chose to sunset our places offering. It’s indeed possible that some postcode data isn’t accurate.

Places.js the library doesn’t have debouncing, that was a choice to keep the results coming quickly. If you do want to apply debouncing, it will be best to implement it yourself.

Note however that the link @julienbourdeau sent is slightly outdated, nowadays initPlaces is a method you have to define yourself like this:

Hope that helps!