Index not indexing attribute of configurable child product in Magento 2

Hi all! Using Magento 2.3. I can’t tell what version of the Algolia extension as I am only an admin panel user.

The majority of our products are configurable products, configurable on the attribute ‘shade’. The parent product doesn’t have a shade. Each child product does.

The child products are set to ‘not visible individually’, which is standard practice as far as I know.

How can we ensure that the ‘shade’ attribute of the simple product is indexed and associated with the parent product?

The ‘shade’ attribute is included as a searchableAttribute.

Thank you!

Hey Virginia,

I’m Dorian, software engineer at Algolia.

When going to Stores > Configuration > Algolia Search > Products > Attributes you should see parent and child attributes. Then if you add “shade” as a searchable attribute and reindex the products it should appear in your Algolia search.

I hope this helps.


Hi Dorian! Thanks for getting back to me.
I don’t see ‘parent and child attributes’ anywhere, only the main attributes list. Here’s what I see (no changes have been made to this panel, but I have reindexed recently). Is there something set incorrectly here?

Hi @virginia! Indeed you should be looking at your main attributes list and set shade as searchable, and Magento will allow it to appear in the parent object. Your configuration looks fine to me. Is the “shade” attribute still not present in the parent object?

Hi Chloe! It is greyed out on the parent product (regardless of scope) and won’t allow me to change it. I thought that was the correct setting!

What is super weird is that I swear that I had this working maybe a month back, and I don’t think anything has changed! The configs that I’ve shown have stayed the same, and I don’t think I made any changes to anything.

The ‘shade’ attribute definitely isn’t showing up in the Json response when I look at the dashboard.

I’m happy to show this to someone from Algolia privately, if someone wants to reach out!

  • Virginia

Hi Virginia! So here is what I propose you to do. You will have to make some of those proposition in the codebase so you will need developing skills or someone with developing skills

Let me know how it goes

Hi Chloe! Looks like just #1 did it. Now, that is interesting - we have not changed the config as far as I know, and this issue has been going for a while - so I am wondering if we haven’t been reindexing? How would I know that (as an admin panel user, not a developer), and how would I do it manually?

Hi @virginia, You can go into your Algolia dashboard, click on the indices tab, then click on ‘Indices’ at the top of the page to go to the list of indices. To the right of each index it will show when it was last indexed.

To index manually, you will need to do it from the command line as seen in this documentation.