Index out of stock products in magento 1.9


We start with Algolia Essential in Magento a few days ago. Our problem is when I try to index no stock products, in_stock=0. i dont know if i dont made well the configuration or if i have to do something extra to allow to algolia to index these kind of products.

I read the documentation but i didnt find how to do it. The products i try to index have everything who is essential to index it (visible in catalog and search, active, not deleted), but in the documentation you especify “In-stock (if you only want to show “in-stock” products)” but our database isn’t too big and we want to show no stock products in results.

Besides this we have products with stock who isn’t showing in results, but first of all ww want to solve the other issue.

Some help please. Thanks!!

Did you find a solution for this?