INDEX product sku woocommerce


I installed woocommerce algolia and linked it to the algolia account.
The problem is if i search a product by sku it says no results.
I think the sku is very important field of a product.

Hi @mihaela,

The plugin for WooCommerce does not alter the behaviour of the autocomplete dropdown.

However on the search results page, it should take the SKU into account.

Do you confirm?

Using wordpress 4.9.1. just installed latest woocommerce plugin and set up trial version on algolia based on recommendation of host provider. 2 indices created: searchable posts and posts products (pushed from plugin side).

Neither indice carried forward the sku. When searching for a sku, there are no results. Wordpress search returns items when searching on sku number. Spent hours looking in documentation, in dashboard, and in plugin. No luck. Please help as we are looking at paid service plan if we can make this work.

Same here.:disappointed_relieved: