Index Searcg by id (Guid) doesn´t work


I´ve created a simple index with

“Id”: “5ac472f6-de8b-4fc0-9b1f-f0d00365fa22”,
“Title”: “Post Titlessdfsdf”,
“CreatedDate”: “2017-07-17T23:11:17.5164813+01:00”,
“Culture”: “en-US”,
“UserId”: “3b312d2b-ade5-4f32-85b0-22c43f6d6332”,
“UserDisplayName”: null,
“Slug”: null,
“MetaKeywords”: null,
“MetaTitle”: null,
“MetaDescription”: null,
“Departments”: [

when i do an search all i have all the result when i filter for Id they don´t return any

the searchabled attributes are ID and UserId

im using c# client

Hey there, thanks for reaching out,

Do you mind sharing the code you have so far?