Indexing new products issue

Hello! We are currently using Algolia search extension on our store. Recently we went through a serious issue - new products not being added to the search queue. So every time we have to do full product reindex which significantly increases the monthly fee increasing the number of indexing operations by ~9000. The indexing queue is disabled on the live site. What we’ve noticed is that when the new product is added to the listing, the Algolia product indexer status sets from READY to PROCESSING and do not comes back to READY. Maybe that’s the root of the issue.
So the final goal would be: the new product record gets automatically indexed by Algolia and the number of operations increases by 1 (not by the number of products ~9000). Please assist us with this issue. Thanks in advance!

Hello @combuyit,

can you tell me what version of Magento and Algolia extension do you use? Thanks!

Hello! Thanks for your response! Magento 2.1.11 and Algolia 1.6.0.@jan.petr