Indexing not working

I have been using algolia on our Magento platform but after integration when indexing is done I can’t find the search result as the indices are empty in algolia, please let me know why it is happening.


Can you give us more details, like which version of magento you’re using?
Do you get any error message?


Thanks for your response.

We are using Magento v
No, there is no error it is showing, we are just not getting the data while searching, because there is no data in the indeces of algolia. We have indexed many times from Magento but the indeces are empty.

Let me know if require more details regarding this.


Hello @faisal,

do you have indexing queue enabled?
If so, do you have set up a cron job to process the queue?

Can you navigate to your database, find table called algoliasearch_queue table and see if there are any rows there?