Indexing records keep coming down to 230

Hi. We are using Algolia Free Plan with 10k records / 100k operations our total records are 9.2k. After we upgraded to magento and algolia 1.13.0, indexing is no longer accurate. It has come to our attention that most of the products were not showing in search autocomplete. Then realized that records automatically dropped down to 230 instead of 9.2k. So we forced indexing manually. It worked for a minute than it went back to 230. In Algolia dashboard (api errors tab), we are getting following message

“message”: “Record quota exceeded, change plan or delete records.”,
“status”: 403

Record can not be exceeded since we have only 9.2 k (limit is 10k).

Any help appreciated.

Please check screenshots

Hello @shoprazzi,

could you tell me your APP ID?

As well I would like to access data on your Algolia account to better assist you.
You can modify access settings here:

Keep in mind your data remains safe and no one outside of Algolia will be able to access it. You can revoke access anytime.

Thank you!

Access is given for the support


Access is given

Have you checked?

Have you checked yet?

I removed old app id and added new free plan id IFUQNMGI38

results are the same. Error in api exceed records quota. There must be a bug in algolia. My records are always less than 10000. but for some reason it thinks that we are exceeding quota

Please answer this ticket. It been 11 days already you havent answered

For people who is having indexing issue after upgrade to magento and algolia 1.13

Event hough i created ticket for algolia, nobody helped us. So we decided to delete app account and create new one on algolia. that fixed issue
Since we were in free plan it was ok to create new app id and index everything from this id

Please be advised