Indexing & symbols not &


Having an issue with algolia indexing & symbol as html & but displaying it as & not as the symbol &.

Any quick fixes?

Using wordpress algolia plugin.

Hi @Mack,

Can you confirm you are using latest version of the plugin?
We fixed this in a recent release.

You might have to re-index your data, and even clear indices entirely from the Algolia dashboard.

Let me know if that works.


Yes using v2.6.1

Also I just change my setup e.g. for multi-environment so had to delete and re-index everything again. Appears to still be an issue.


Ok, it looks like this is an issue :confused:
Please subscribe to the issue I just opened here:

This is the fix we implemented:

What is the content type the issue is happening for?
Is it in the dropdown or the search results page?

Any other piece of information could help.

Could you also check in your content how that symbol appears?


Hey @Mack,

We just released a fix for symbols in taxonomy terms.

Can you upgrade to 2.8.1 and re-index your indices in order to see if it solves the issue?

Keep me posted,

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Thanks. all working now.