Indexing within a page using Wordpress Plugin


We are working on establishing a documentation site for our company and have installed the Algolia Wordpress plugin. Our SaaS platform is broken into modules so we have uploaded each module as it’s own page within the wordpress documentation site.

Our goal is to point a search directly to a portion of the page based on the search terms, as opposed to listing the whole page (module) as a search result. We’ve seen this done effectively among other documentation sites using the plugin, but initially it’s still recommending full pages as the only search results.

Are there some best practices or instructions we can follow in order to achieve these types of search results?


Hi @jfrazier,

The WordPress plugin is unfortunately not designed to hotlink to anchors of pages.

This is something we do though with the DocSearch project.

If your project is public, you could try submitting it here.

If it is not public, you will have to customize the indexing and probably go with a custom implementation based on the PHP Client directly.

I hope that makes sense, let me know what you think,