Indices end in _tmp

I am Demo’ing Algolia using the laravel 4 library. I notice that the indices that are created all end in _tmp. Is this because I am in a demo or does this always happen?


Normally, all index created are suffixed with _tmp while you app reindex everything. After everything is index, it should be renamed to remove _tmp. Could you check your logs in the Algolia dashboard to see if their is an error when renaming?

Please not that this package is unmaintained and deprecated. It’s not obvious on github, I’ll fix that. We know recommend using Laravel Scout, but infortunately, it requires Laravel 5.4+.

Hmm, nothing stands out in the error log. I understand the package is unmaintained, but as we transition our product from L4 to L5, we have to use this.

I finally figured this out after digging through the code. I wasn’t passing false to the reindex method: