Indices how to exclude certain hits?


We’re a webshop using Algolia. We have a problem that when users search for Kalk (calcium…), they get as a result products with the brand name “KAL” on top of the search, and not products with “kalk” in them.

Obviously we don’t want to exclude KAL brand products from our search, but we’d like them to be excluded from searches for “Kalk”, and rather results with the full work “kalk” to appear on top. Is there a way we can do this? Exclude “kal” from “kalk” results?

The problem might be with the update speed of the search results? When we start writing KALK, KAL appears as search results on top, and doesn’t refresh when we write out the full search term, unless we put space after the word.

Thanks for your help!


As discussed over emails, I believe here you’re looking for the exactOnSingleWordQuery parameter so that if the query contains the word “kalk”, records that contain that word will rank higher.
By default the ‘exact’ criteria is only triggered when the whole record attribute is matched. Changing this settings to ‘word’ might help in your case.

The documentation for reference: ttps://