InfiniteHIts Load More button doesn't expand container correctly

Hi guys,

It’s seems that the infiniteHits Load More button doesn’t expand hits container correctly since a google chrome update.

I use the last version of google chrome : Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64 bits)
I have the same problem with edge but not in Firefox.

To explain what i mean, i made 2 videos (one with chrome and one with FIrefox) with the storybook example of infinite hits on algolia page.

I don’t know if it’s an algolia problem or a google problem.

Bad UX video (chrome) :

Good UX video (firefox) :

The problem is (with chrome) when user click on the button, he doesn’t see the first “new” hits but just the last ones. This is problematic because if you load 60 hits by page, users don’t understand where is the beginning of the new page and they are lost cause of the static results.

Until now the UX was the same as Firefox one and i want it back :smiley:

On my professional website i use instant search v3 and there is the same problem… Maybe it’s a chrome/edge UX bug ?

Does some of you already saw the bug ? is there a fix ?


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I am having the same issue. It was working JUST fine a few days ago. Now it doesn’t work on any browser.

It’s a problem in chrome as far as we know: The solution is to add scroll-anchor: none to the button (or update InstantSearch.css)

// Prevent InfiniteHits buttons from moving scroll position
 .ais-InfiniteHits-loadMore {
   overflow-anchor: none;

@haroen Thanks so much !

This Css tricks work perfectly… i need it also on “show more” for refinement :smiley:



good point, I made a PR to add those as well to the list

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this has now been released in InstantSearch.css as 7.4.5 :slight_smile:

Would I need to update my CDN to take advantage of this new InstantSearch.css 7.4.5?

You can update the version on the link tag yes

Good information thanks for sharing