initialUiState query not working with hits widget - InstantSearch.js v4

When I load the hits widget for InstantSearch.js v4 it successfully loads all data.

However, I want to only load a specific query and it doesn’t change the data at all.

Any ideas?

const search = instantsearch({
    indexName: 'Products',
    searchClient: algoliasearch(
	initialUiState: {
		Products: {
		  query: 'spoon',
		  page: 1,
    container: "#hits",
    templates: {
      empty: "No results.",
	  escapeHTML: false,
	return `	  
	  <div class="hit">
      <div class="hit-image">
        <img src="${hit.image}" />
      <div class="hit-content">
          <div class="hit-name">${}</div>
        <div class="hit-price">$${hit.price}</div>

Can you attach a code sandbox of what you are doing and what you have so we can better understand and see what is happening.

You can use the following template to get it started.