Insights about performances impact of paginationLimitedTo increase


Some of our customers would like to browse search results further the 1000 first encountered which is the default value of paginationLimitedTo setting.
In the documentation (see paginationLimitedTo API parameter | Algolia) there is a sentence about the performance impact of increasing this value.

Can we have some insights about these performance impacts ?

  • Does it impact only search queries or may reindexation be slower too ?
  • If we increase the settings using factor 10 (10.000 records), does it increase from factor 10 the search query duration ? What about factor 1.000 (1.000.000 records) ?
  • Is this impact linked to number of records in the index, to their size or something else ?
  • Other concerns that we should be aware of ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
Yours faithfully,