Instant Search Multi Index, Initial Pagination not working

We are using instantsearch.js in order to display 4 different indecies. We have a main “all_posts” index and are utilizing 3 nested index() w/ widgets via a series of connectHits for additional data. All is working great! However, the strange thing is that while each Widget additionally defines it’s own individual pagination widgets, on the initial render while the display of each index works perfectly. The pagination widgets are broken when using a default ‘instantsearch.start()’. If we type in an actual search. All the pagination then begins to work as expected. It’s just that initial render that appears to be broken.

I also see Instantsearch pagination not working properly - #13 by md.saif which is somewhat related but did not have a resolution.

Sadly I cannot share an example at this moment

Ok figured it out. The initial search pagination wasn’t working properly because of a custom searchFunction

  searchFunction: function(helper) {
    if (helper.state.query.length < 3) {
      return; // skip < 3 character length

However based on check, subsequent pagination clicks failed, and searchFunction will not fire due to the search value/field still being empty. I couldn’t see anything in the helper object that is passed to determine if it was a pagination click