Instant Search positioning on returning to page

I am currently building an index based on InstantSearchJs for PHPBB and DokuWiki for our site. It can be found at

It’s working well other than the fact that when users on something other than Firefox use the back button to return to the search results it returns to the top of the page.

I have urlSync: true set so the search and other settings are remembered OK, it’s just the position that is lost.

Can anyone suggest a method to ensure Chrome and IE users get back to the same place in the list please?

Hi, I had a similar issue. Try the following:

(window).scroll(function () { //set scroll position in session storage sessionStorage.scrollPos = (window).scrollTop();
var init = function () {
//return scroll position in session storage
(window).scrollTop(sessionStorage.scrollPos || 0); (’.ap-dropdown-menu’).remove();

window.onload = init;

Good luck.

Thanks I gave that a try, it tends to be close, but seems to be half a page ahead all the time. I’’ experiment some more.