InstantSearch 2.0 doesn't work in objective-C projects?

Hi everyone!

I’m currently attempting to use InstantSearch-iOS in an objective C project, but only 1.0 seems to work. 2.0 fails :(. Some details:

  • I have an objective C project
  • I’m using CocoaPods
  • 1.0 works fine, as long as I set the Swift version in InstantSearch-iOS, InstantSearch-Core-Swift, and AlgoliaSearch-Client-Swift to Swift version 3.3
  • When I attempt to use 2.0, I get a variety of different errors, depending on the Swift version I set:
    -> “Property ‘shared’ not found on object of type ‘InstantSearch’”
    -> “Cannot convert value of type ‘[NSAttributedStringKey : Any]’ (aka ‘Dictionary<NSString, Any>’) to expected argument type ‘[String : Any]’”

Any ideas why this is? Can this be fixed? Or is 2.0 just not really Objective-C compatible?

Thanks for the help!!